Competition announcement for the allocation of student accommodation for the A.Y. 2018/2019

​​For students of the University of Padova only.


The Special Commissioner Decree n. 25 of 4th July 2018 approved the Accommodation competition Announcement for the assignment of accommodation to enrolled and enrolling students of the University of Padova for the academic year 2018/2019.

Upon entry into residence, students must already be enrolled in the University.​

ISEE for the Right to University Education

The competition announcement complies with what established by the Italian Prime Minister Decree no. 159 of 2013 and the Italian Regional Resolution on the Right to Education (DGR no. 820/2018​) regarding the determination of the Indicators of the Equivalent Financial Situation.

    The limit values of the Academic Year 2018/2019 are: 

  • ISEE (for Right to University Education) up to Euro 23,253.00

  • ISPE (= ISP / equivalence scale) up to Euro 35,824.56


In order to obtain ISEE Declaration and benefit from the services for the Right to University Education, the applicant must contact the CAF (Centres for Fiscal Assistance)​ or the competent structures (municipalities and Inps offices) to submit the DSU (Italian Single Substitute Declaration). Expect ab​out 15 working days to obtain the ISEE Certification, starting from the submission date of the DSU.

Please note that ISEE certifications released before 1st January 2018 will not be considered as valid.

In order to obtain an equivalent ISEE:

- foreign students with family NOT resident in Italy;

foreign students resident in Italy (non autonomous) with family resident abroad;

- Italian students resident abroad 

have to go - by appointment to the CAF AIC in Via Belzoni​ n.48/50 - Padova - Phone: (+39) 049 772 167 (

The accommodation application - with related pre-registration - must be done exclusively online, on ​ESU's website > Online Services >  starting from 12:00 of 4th July 2017.

Deadlines of the online application are:

for the student enrolled in the following years:    20  August 2017       (at 12:00)

for the student enrolling in the first year:                6 September 2017   (at 12:00) 

PhD/Specializing (not medical area) 1st year:     ​    6  September 2017   (at 12:00)​

Useful Documents: 

Instructions to submit​ the application

Application variation form - pdf editable version

Online application deadlines

Residences and accommodation tariffs


The competition is open to students that are "Non resident​​" or "Commuters".

The benefit will be allocated to the students, who meet merit and income requirements.​

For the definition of "Non resident​​" and "Commuter" students, please check the geographical distance tables published by the University. 

For the sole purpose of accommodation, the students with mobility or visual disability can declare themselves as "Non resident", regardless of their actual residence.​​


Terms of Payment of the deposit

 The payment of the deposit shall be executed only through the following method:


Elettronic payment by accessing the portal MyPay:​​ click on the link indicated in the email generated by the system > select Anonymous Payments > NOTICE and complete with the data contained in the email (no. of notice, fiscal code, email address) then > Proceed (info​

After the payment of the deposit, the student will receive a certified e-mail from ESU with the confirmation of the accomodation, which will be thus unavailable for others.​ 


For further information, please contact Benefits Economical  Benefits Sector.